We offer Laboratory Information Management System which is a comprehensive platform that covers the complete process of sample tracking and management from test requisition to reporting. It is an enterprise-integrated LIMS that manages all aspects of front office, resource optimization, task scheduling, and process compliance in a laboratory. Its advanced features and optional add-ons along with consulting services ensure complete workflow management and high return on investment (RoI), making it a far more comprehensive and robust LIMS. Operating LIMS in your laboratories helps optimize your organizational productivity and efficiency by centralizing data, organizing your workflows, tracking in real-time and reducing management overheads.

Benefits of LIMS

LIMS has been designed for automation of both testing and non-testing functions in a laboratory setting. Within a short period of a couple of years, you will not only recover your investment through gains in productivity and efficiency but optimize the execution of specific functions. The key general benefits are:

  • Paperless laboratory
  • Reduction of manual processing and coordination effort
  • Reduction of human error
  • Optimized efficiency
  • Optimization of productivity gains over a span of time
  • Seamless management of complex workflows
  • Platform and device independent
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Flexible configuration of master lists for managing implementation actions
  • Flexible form configuration tools for fast form creation
  • Monitoring tools for each task and stage
  • Digital integration of multiple labs of an organization
  • Suitable for labs of any size and scope in any testing sector
  • Global delivery capability
  • Data centralization with work decentralization
  • Allows management to focus on their core areas



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