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Colossal Consultants LLC was formed in 2019 to cater to the needs of different industries and has a team of experts from the field of Material & Corrosion who can give optimum solutions in Material Selection, Coating Assessment, Corrosion Mitigation, Cathodic Protection, Failure Analysis, and in-situ Replica Metallography to verify Fitness for Service. The Asset Integrity department and HSE department cater to different clients to provide services like Risk Based Inspection, Remaining Life Assessment, Fitness for Service, Defect Assessment, HAZOP/HAZID/QRA/BRA/SIL Studies, RAM Studies, HFE and Ergonomic Studies, FEA Studies etc

The company was founded by professionals who have several years of hands-on working experience in testing laboratories, which adds weight to providing customized fit-for-purpose testing solutions to the Customers.

Utmost care has been taken to have selective affiliation with leaders from different testing fields to add on 1000+ years of collective experience and give the most appropriate test solution to the Customer at a highly competitive price without compromising on Quality.

Diva Envitec, ancillary  of Colossal Consultants LLC, offer a wide  range of products in 4 main areas- Reaction engineering- lab reactors, Flow chemistry and large continuous reactors, Thermal engineering - heat transfer, Separation technologies- membrane separation and gas Liquid mass Transfer- Industrial micronizing - catering to the industry sectors including pharmaceutical, API, Biotech, F&B, Brewery, Winery, Distillery, Chemical, Fine Chemical, Sugar, Cement, Iron and Steel.

Why choose us?


Colossal Consultant is a leading provider of turnkey laboratory setups. We've 28+ years of hands-on practical experience in projects of different sizes. You get the best solution by working with us.


We provide a full array of support services to ensure that you have a successful project from start to finish. From equipment training to laboratory operations and maintenance, Colossal Consultants has the experience to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Customer Satisfication

At Colossal Consultants, we understand the importance of having the right equipment to perform the job correctly. We help you do it and take great pride in 100% customer satisfaction with very reasonable prices.

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